Sports health : Ayurveda a natural way for excellence in sports

Sports health : Ayurveda a natural way for excellence in sports
Sep 2020

Sports health care ecosystem can be enhanced by Ayurveda. Way to success begins when we explore and accept what lies deep within Ayurveda in perspective sports and it is a natural way to achieve excellence in sports.
[photo1]Sports has become the next big thing for masses to enjoy and adore. Warrior heroes at Coli

seums are no more to make crowds fall from their feet, replaced by these great sports athletes who perform their best at sports field to inspire us and entertain us. To keep up with the high standards of performances athletes are in this race to get better and faster each day. Most of the times the methods are great but there are some not good examples who have gone for quick, chemical based and instant gratification method.
We at WE R Wellness bring a solution to help athletes be at their best using Ayurveda. We use body workouts, herbs detox and other natural elements to bring the best in athletes so they perform well at the highest levels. All these modalities are natural and chemical free. Use of natural herbs, oils and natural products to make this magic for performance enhancement, faster recovery and for injury rehab and post hub.
We need to use Ayurveda life style
Ayurveda can impact body work, nutrition, rehab program, faster recovery program all for the better performance of the athletes. It's the lack of knowledge and awareness which keeps it way from the mainstream industry. But present pandemic also in its own way sensitised the world for the importance of the natural healing system. Acceptance of Ayurveda by individual athletes and the administrative authorities is the key for this industry to grow.
Ayurveda can help to maintain the body at its best possible biological existence. We in chemical age tend to age fast just losing the edge to have a younger body though we are chronologically aging. Stress, no good nutrition, not right diet habits, no right rest, are reason fast deterioration of the body's biology and physiology. We need to use Ayurveda life style, detox, and herbs to make body younger from with in.
Gut health is key for well-being
Ayurveda Gut care programs are best designed to achieve this. Strengthening bones to enhancing strength and endurance all can be achieved with this. Gut health is key for absorption of nutrition. It's best to heal the body from with in. Good health means healthy mind as neurotransmitters can give you unbiased suggestion for the stress events. So gut is key for good mind and body.
We age as the time passes but during that time how we treat our body and what we place in it will determine how this body shapes up in future. For athlete body and mind are even more sacred as it is directly linked to a great performance in future. Ayurveda as a life style and a healing modality can influence the athlete's life at various levels to make an impact felt for the betterment of sports industry at whole.
There is this huge lacuna in terms of organised natural evidence based effective system which can deliver faster recovery, non invasive injury management and better integrated rehab program for making the athletes more healthy and stronger from with in. Ayurveda will make India an unique offering global market for sports performance enhancement, recovery program and injury management.
Dr Onkar Rajiv Bilgi
Co-founder - We R Wellness