Weekly Astrology Forecast, October 9-15: Sacred Healing

Weekly Astrology Forecast, October 9-15: Sacred Healing
Oct 2022

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This week brings a significant full Moon in Aries and finds Mercury once again on the move, this time in Libra. The potential for sacred healing and harmonious rebalancing to take place exists, but first we must meet ourselves, even the parts we have kept hidden in the dark.
Full Moon in Aries
One of the gifts of astrology is awareness. The ability to see the bigger purpose in the waves of emotion we experience and to feel the emotion and simultaneously know the greater invitation taking place. Untangling the language of the cosmos allows us to zoom out, to see the entire process--death, rebirth, and everything in between--so that we may not only find another version of ourselves in the experience but also surrender to the process.
This week's full Moon in Aries on Sunday, October 9, 2022, arrives with the intention of deep inner healing. But first it takes us to our edge. It invites us to stretch beyond where we have previously been. To witness our fears and give them compassion. To meet our darkness and offer forgiveness. To bring acceptance to the corners of ourselves that have previously experienced only rejection.
Under the full Moon, the Sun and Moon sit directly opposite one another from the vantage of Earth. The Moon herself emits no light but rather bathes in light from the Sun, giving us the visual spectacle we are blessed to witness each month.
In astrology, the Moon represents our inner worlds, our subconscious, and our emotions. Therefore, under a full Moon, we have an illuminating light cast on all of ourselves. This includes those aspects that we have previously kept in the dark. We get to meet new or previously undisclosed parts of ourselves so that we can accept them, heal them, and love them.
Active in the heavens alongside this lunation is Chiron, which reminds us that it is through surrender that we heal. Not through forcing, controlling, or pushing to fix. Instead, we are guided to forgive where we have been critical of ourselves and lean into compassion, empathy, and belonging through seeing our wounds as our means to healing and acknowledging that they are one in the same.
Mercury enters Libra
Mercury corresponds to all things pertaining to the mind, communication, learning, technology, and logic. A quick-moving planet, it spends only three weeks in each zodiac sign and shapes our minds and communications through the energy of the sign in which it is found.
When Mercury revisits Libra on October 11th, we are invited to explore how we can bring greater balance and beauty into our lives and how we can create greater peace for ourselves and our relationships. In keeping true to Libra energy, Mercury will bring an artistic flair to our thinking and communicating and lend a sense of logic and balance to our emotions. Here we desire every interaction to be fair and harmonious for all involved. During this time, our partnerships will hold great opportunities for us.
Your invitation
The invitation this week is to bring awareness to your experiences. To witness the greater intention of the emotions that are coming to the surface. To honor the sacred healing that is asking to take place. You cannot heal what is unknown. You cannot rewrite what you have yet to see.
Some astrological movements are soft in their touch and others are stern and straightforward. This full Moon is the latter, showing us so obviously what we are holding onto that we no longer need and that we will not miss. Remind yourself that you are held and supported by life, and that these cosmic movements exist for your greatest benefit.
With Mercury moving into Libra just two days after this emotionally significant full Moon, allow the energy of Libra to be what supports you. Lean into beauty. Express your creativity through art and movement and color. Connect with your loved ones and objectively look at your life. Where can you create greater balance, harmony, and beauty for yourself?
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