Weekly Astrology, September 4-10: Accessing What You Desire

Weekly Astrology, September 4-10: Accessing What You Desire
Sep 2022

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This week, Venus moves into Virgo, where she joins the Sun. Wherever Venus moves, she brings beauty and appreciation, self-worth and connection, abundance and blessings. As happens whenever a planet or star transitions into the current Sun sign, these attributes will become amplified and seen through the lens of orderly and detail-oriented Virgo. You can expect them to become more readily accessible in all aspects of your life.
Sun in Virgo
The Sun remains under the influence of Virgo until September 22, 2022. Virgo is practical. It is drawn toward refinement of self, organization, habits, and health. Here, the cosmos invites us to bring greater clarity to our lives, minds, bodies, and days.
Virgo clears away the extra noise and brings us home to the core of what matters, what we desire, and how we choose to move through the world. Then it asks us to organize and create systems to support this new way of being.
Venus enters Virgo
Venus, in astrology, is our harmonious planet of love, art, abundance, and pleasure. On September 5, 2022, the planet of love and beauty enters the Earth sign of Virgo. During this time, Venus's attributes become shaped by this sign. Beauty and health come together as one. Habits become nurturing rituals. Clearing, cleaning, and refining become acts of self-love. It becomes easier to lovingly place necessary boundaries and systems into place out of respect for yourself. And you will find that letting go, whether emotionally or physically, actually expands your capacity for receiving and appreciating.
Venus will remain in Virgo until September 29, 2022. During this time, organizing, structuring, planning, and calculating have the potential to bring healing into your life. It is a truly aligned time to take a moment and get clear on how you desire to spend the remaining few months of the year. Aligning our actions and intentions with her movements opens the opportunity for that abundance and blessings to flow into our lives.
Your invitation
The intentions you make during this transit may be exactly what you need to bring greater ease and flow into your life. The routines and habits you start may be the door that opens into your next chapter of love. And the space you create after letting go of the unnecessary noise may be the final thing that allows what you have been desiring to enter.
Ask yourself, what visions do you have for yourself and your life? Bring them to the forefront. Let them become clear through thought, meditation, or journaling.
What plan, routine, or system can you create to support you in following your desire?
What, if anything, has been adding extra noise to your life that you can release and let go?
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